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Preferred IUPAC names are also used by the World Health Organization (WHO).Occasionally a third subtitle is supplied for historical reasons or when the synonym uses an alternative, but equivalent, naming convention.

Additional volunteer bodies include Stakeholder Forums, Project Teams, and Advisory Groups, which act in an advisory capacity to provide input to USP's governing, standards-setting, and management bodies.New and revised monographs and general chapters and obsolete matter deleted from this edition are indicated in the An Erratum/Errata is content erroneously published in a USP publication that does not accurately reflect the intended official or effective requirements as approved by the Council of Experts.These typically are changes that do not have a broad impact on the standards.If there is a difference between the contents of the Chemical subtitles given in the monographs are index names used by the Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) of the American Chemical Society.They are provided only in monographs in which the titles specify substances that are definable chemical entities.

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A listing of all current Voting Delegates of the USP Convention is included in the USP's Board of Trustees is responsible for the management of the business affairs, finances, and property of USP.